Journal of Environmental Health Supplementals

Supplementals to Journal of Environmental Health Content

The supplemental files posted below were submitted along with the respective peer-reviewed articles, columns, and other published content listed and have been posted online due to space limitations. The Journal of Environmental Health did not copy edit these files, nor were the files peer reviewed. The authors have provided these supplemental files as extra resources should the reader want more information.

October 2022 (Volume 85, Number 3)

Estimation of High Blood Lead Levels Among Children in Georgia: An Application of Bayesian Analysis

September 2022 (Volume 85, Number 2)

Operational Insights Into Mosquito Control Disaster Response in Coastal North Carolina: Experiences With the Federal Emergency Management Agency After Hurricane Florence

June 2022 (Volume 84, Number 10)

Awareness of Business Owners and Environmental Health Officers Regarding Health Risks Associated With the Use of Water Mist Systems in Australia

Healthcare Visits and Summertime Heat Index in Virginia: An Analysis of Syndromic Surveillance Data Collected From 2015–2020

March 2022 (Volume 84, Number 7)

Horse Owner Practices and Equine and Human Arboviral Encephalitis in North Carolina

November 2021 (Volume 84, Number 4)

Built Environment Attributes and Preparedness for Potential Gun Violence at Secondary Schools

October 2021 (Volume 84, Number 3)

Considerations Toward Lower Toxicity Cleaning in K-12 Schools (GOJO Industries, Advertorial)

September 2021 (Volume 84, Number 2)

Improving the Reliability of Food Safety Disclosure: Restaurant Grading in Seattle and King County, Washington

July/August 2021 (Volume 84, Number 1)

Acceptability of Household Practices to Prevent Boils in Rural Alaska

January/February 2021 (Volume 83, Number 6)

Environmental Health and Justice in a Chinese Environmental Model City

April 2020 (Volume 82, Number 8)

Public Health Assessment of and Response to Perfluorooctanoic Acid in Drinking Water, Bennington, Vermont

Supporting Students and Young Professionals in Environmental and Occupational Health, Safety, Science, and Policy-Related Graduate Programs

December 2019 (Volume 82, Number 5)

Comparison of Use, Storage, and Cleaning Practices for Personal Protective Equipment Between Career and Volunteer Firefighters in Northwestern Kentucky in the United States

September 2019 (Volume 82, Number 2)

Food Safety Resources for Managers and Vendors of Farmers Markets in Texas

June 2019 (Volume 81, Number 10)

Direct From NCSL: Enacted 2018 State Environmental Health Legislation

May 2019 (Volume 81, Number 9)

Integrating Public Health in Land Reuse and Redevelopment: Part 2: Assessing Local Health Agency Capacity to Integrate Environmental Health and Land Reuse Work

December 2018 (Volume 81, Number 5)

Barriers to Managing Private Wells and Septic Systems in Underserved Communities: Mental Models of Homeowner Decision Making

Cooling Tower Maintenance Practices and Legionella Prevalence, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, 2016

June 2018 (Volume 80, Number 10)

Environmental Health and Justice in a Chinese Environmental Model City

January/February 2018 (Volume 80, Number 6)

Evaluation and Risk Assessment of Heavy Metals in the Groundwater Resources of Saqqez, Iran

December 2017 (Volume 80, Number 5)

Environmental Factors and Fluctuations in Daily Crime Rates

Environmental Health Priorities of Residents and Environmental Health Professionals: Implications for Improving Environmental Health Services in Rural Versus Urban Communities

September 2017 (Volume 80, Number 2)

Direct From ATSDR: Community Exposure to Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances in Drinking Water: A National Issue

April 2017 (Volume 79, Number 8)

A Comparison of Heat Wave Response Plans From an Aged Care Facility Perspective

November 2016 (Volume 79, Number 4)

An Assessment of Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions Associated With the Use of Water, Sand, and Chemicals in Shale Gas Production of the Pennsylvania Marcellus Shale