JEH Executive Director Columns

Dr. David DyjackDirecTalk Column by NEHA Executive Director David Dyjack, DrPH, CIH


Journal of Environmental Health: 2022

January/February 2022: Golden Trevally (PDF)

March 2022: Tybee (PDF)

April 2022: Gracias a Dios (PDF)

May 2022: Triangulate the Data (PDF)

June 2022: Exploring Secrets by the Sea (PDF)

July/August 2022: Summer in Iowa (PDF)

September 2022: Not the Health Police (PDF)

October 2022: Seersucker Thursdsay (PDF)


Journal of Environmental Health: 2021

January/February 2021: John (PDF)

March 2021: Tears to Motivate Us (PDF)

April 2021: Apricity (PDF)

May 2021: Lee Vining (PDF)

June 2021: Alchemy (PDF)

July/August 2021: Pull the Red Wagon (PDF)

September 2021: Jolie Laide (PDF)

October 2021: Studiis et Observatione Notari: Reflections From the Arena (PDF)

November 2021: Bite at the Cherry (PDF)

December 2021: Darwin's Paradox Reinterpreted (PDF)


Journal of Environmental Health: 2020

January/February 2020: Baltimore to Beirut (PDF)

March 2020: The Overton Window (PDF)

April 2020: MAHC Truck Delivers Results (PDF)

May 2020: Three Sisters (PDF)

June 2020: Kapiti in the Time of a Pandemic (PDF)

July/August 2020: The Office (PDF)

September 2020: The Raven (PDF)

October 2020: Not a Trail (PDF)

November 2020: Along the Lee Shore (PDF)

December 2020: Ikigai (PDF)


Journal of Environmental Health: 2019

January/February 2019: Going Mobile (PDF)

March 2019: Every Child Deserves a Head Start (PDF)

April 2019: NEHA 2.0 (PDF)

May 2019: Ecological Fallacies (PDF)

June 2019: Tuned Into Nashville (PDF)

July/August 2019: The Hallmark of Competence (PDF)

September 2019: Inflection Point (PDF)

October 2019: Canards and Accreditation (PDF)

November 2019: Windmills and Calder Mobiles (PDF)

December 2019: Jamkhed (PDF)


Journal of Environmental Health: 2018

January/February 2018: Reflections on Community (PDF)

March 2018: API Blues (PDF)

April 2018: On Poverty (PDF)

May 2018: Going Local to Improve Diet and Health (PDF)

June 2018: Doing the Right Thing in Anaheim (PDF)

July/August 2018: Eat Lionfish (PDF)

September 2018: Time Under Tension (PDF)

October 2018: A Season of Discontent (PDF)

November 2018: Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish. (PDF)

December 2018: Shake the Snow Globe (PDF)


Journal of Environmental Health: 2017

January/February 2017: Size Does Not Make a Profession (PDF)

March 2017: The Journey Into the Future Points Upstream (PDF)

April 2017: Connectivity Is Power (PDF)

May 2017: Oh, Atlanta (PDF)

June 2017: Distribution > Content > Brand (PDF)

July/August 2017: Professional (dis) Association (PDF)

September 2017: Long Overdue: Environmental Health and Public Health Emergency Preparedness Collide (PDF)

October 2017: Cooperate and Improvise (PDF)

November 2017: What Is the Value of Membership? (PDF)

December 2017: A Prescription Gone Awry (PDF)


Journal of Environmental Health: 2016

January/February 2016: (Work) Force = Mass x Acceleration (PDF)

March 2016: Environmental Health 2.0 (PDF)

April 2016: It's a Government Affair (PDF)

May 2016: Environmental Health Is a Contact Sport (PDF)

June 2016: AEC San Antonio: It Just Wouldn't Be the Same Without You (PDF)

July/August 2016: DRR, Sendai, & ODF (PDF)

September 2016: Unfettered & Alive (PDF)

October 2016: One Health (PDF)

November 2016: Data: The Grand Simplifier (PDF)

December 2016: Tied to the Mast (PDF)


Journal of Environmental Health: 2015

July/August 2015: Outraged, Obligated & Optimistic (PDF)

September 2015: Go Big or Go Home (PDF)

October 2015: Of Similes, Metaphors, and Intimacy (PDF)

November 2015: The Aqueous Solution (PDF)

December 2015: Tabula Rasa, Solarium Argentums, and Carpe Diem, Baby (PDF)