Building Capacity Column

Capacity Building

Call for Submissions for the Building Capacity Column

The Journal of Environmental Health seeks guest authors for the Building Capacity column. Share your success stories and lessons learned to help build the capacity of agencies, organizations, and business across the county!

A need exists within environmental health agencies to increase their capacity to perform in an environment of diminishing resources. With limited resources and increasing demands, we need to seek new approaches to the practice of environmental health. Acutely aware of these challenges, the Journal publishes the Building Capacity column to educate, reinforce, and build upon successes within the profession using technology to improve efficiency and extend the impact of environmental health agencies. These columns have been authored by Darryl Booth, NEHA technical advisor for data and technology.

We would like to open up the column to guest authors. Our goal is to provide a platform to share capacity building successes occurring across the country and within different sectors of the environmental health profession, including academia, private industry, nongovernmental organizations, and state, local, tribal, and territorial health agencies.

Submissions will be reviewed by the NEHA technical advisors for data and technology and Journal staff for appropriate content, relevance, and adherence to submission guidelines.

Please contact Kristen Ruby-Cisneros, managing editor of the Journal, with any questions or to submit your proposed column.



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