Become a Proctor

Become a Proctor 

We are partnering with the National Registry of Food Safety Professionals (NRFSP) as the exam provider for the ANSI/CFP accredited Food Safety Manager Certification exam.

To become a proctor with NRFSP you will need to complete their online Test and Administrator/Proctor Training Course and then the Proctor Application. To ensure you receive the NEHA Trainer benefits and discounts, be sure to type “NEHA” along with your company name in the “Company Name” field of the application (e.g., NEHA/your company name). This information tells NRFSP that you are a trainer with NEHA. If you need help with the Proctor Application, email the NRFSP customer service at or call (800) 446-0257.


After you have completed the Proctor process with NRFSP they will provide you with a Proctor number and you’ll be ready to start ordering the Food Safety Manager Certification exams!

We hope this change will make your job easier for all your classroom training needs. We offer the following materials to help support your trainings:


  • ANSI/CFP Food Safety Manager Certification exams and certificates through NRFSP (English, Spanish, Korean, and Modern and Traditional Chinese)
  • NEHA Professional Food Manager (6th edition) book available in English and Spanish
  • NEHA Professional Food Manager PowerPoint Presentation including foodborne illness, contamination, pest control, purchasing and storing food, safe food handling, and more
  • NEHA Professional Food Manager Trainer Resources, including a pretest/posttest with answer key, scenarios, interactive games, student and instructor guides, question banks, and more


If you have questions or are interested in ordering exams and/or training materials, contact Trisha Bramwell at or by calling 303.802.2147



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