Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics For NEHA Credentialed Professionals


As an environmental professional, credentialed by the National Environmental Health Association, I hereby acknowledge, accept, and agree to abide by the following code of conduct and ethics:


  • I shall endeavor to keep myself current and informed and satisfy any continuing education requirements that may be in effect for my credential.
  • I shall conduct myself in a professional manner befitting of my credentialed status.
  • I shall proudly represent my credentialed status to the public I serve.
  • I shall do nothing to undermine, detract from, or otherwise cause to develop any damaging associations with respect to this credential. I accept that any activity on my part that will cause this credential any measure of injury serves as a breach and a failure on my part to uphold this code of ethics. Moreover, I accept that such actions for which I might be responsible could result in the revocation of my credential.
  • I shall do nothing to impair my ability to discharge any administrative or regulatory duty related to my professional credential that may also be required under federal, state or local law as a part of the position I hold.


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