Gambling With Your Health, Part 2: The Effect of Two Sanitation Procedures on the Disinfection of Bacterial Contamination on Casino Cheques


In a previous study, casino cheques (sometimes referred to as gaming chips) were shown to be a possible public health hazard based on levels of bacterial and fungal contamination (Mc Keown, 2019). The purpose of this study was to evaluate two different sanitation procedures and evaluate their effectiveness at reducing bacterial and fungal contamination levels found on casino cheques. To test for bacterial and fungal contaminants, 19 cheques were placed in one of three test methods to evaluate a dishwasher, aerosol disinfectant, or control (no test) on contaminant levels found on the cheques. Test results showed that the average number of bacterial contaminants increased across all test methods except for the dishwasher one, which did not show a significant change from the original study. This study demonstrates that more research needs to be conducted to find effective ways of reducing bacterial contaminants from casino cheques.


Speaker / Author: 
Edward G. Mc Keown, PhD
Month Year: 
May 2020
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Publication Month: 
May 2020