Gambling With Your Health: Bacterial Contamination on Casino Gaming Chips


The casino environment, consisting of employees and customers, can present a risk for exposure to infectious diseases, especially bacterial diseases that are found on casino gaming chips. The purpose of this study was to replicate a study from 2011 to determine bacterial microorganisms on casino chips. A total of 26 chips (13 used actively in a casino and 13 never used from a chip manufacturer) were used for the study. Bacteria and fungi development were found in statistically significant numbers (p < .05). Contamination was found on used versus unused chips based on the location being tested, namely the obverse (the side of the chip bearing the head or principal design), reverse, or edge of the chip—with overall results being statistically significant for the presence of pathogenic contaminants. This study also determined that the chips showed the presence of E. coli at statistically significant levels.


Speaker / Author: 
Edward G. Mc Keown, PhD
Month Year: 
May 2019
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Publication Month: 
May 2019