Assessed Food Safety Risks Associated With Grocery Stores


The growing grocery market industry is under increasing pressure to improve profit margins to maintain profitability. With the offerings at grocery stores continually evolving toward more profitable niches, food safety risks can be introduced or elevated as operations are added or modified. This study surveyed 132 private and corporate-owned grocery stores to assess food safety risk. A 2009 Food and Drug Administration Food Code risk category assessment score was assigned to each of the departments at these stores for comparison of risks associated with their processes and policies. Private stores had slightly more risk when compared with corporate-owned stores. High-risk processes, including reduced oxygen packaging and smoking and curing operations, existed in 13% of the grocery stores. Bakeries, delicatessens, and/or meat departments sharing the same operating space also increased the risk scoring.

Speaker / Author: 
Robert Newsad, MPH
Danny Ripley
Craig A. Shepherd, MPH, REHS, DAAS
Month Year: 
November 2016
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Publication Month: 
November 2016
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