E-Journal Bonus Article: Disaster Management Policy Options to Address the Sanitation Challenges in South Africa


The current population of South Africa has been migrating into informal urban settlements that lack adequate sanitation service delivery, caused at least in part by the lack of the necessary skills in the local government sector and the lack of buy in from the community into the provided sanitation facilities. The authors report results of policy research into the relevant disaster management options that could be applied to improve the sanitation service delivery in South Africa. The best policy option was identified as the draft Disaster Management Regulations: Disaster Management. Local government can use these tools through the formation of the volunteer units from the nongovernmental organization sector, the business community, and from among the end users of sanitation facilities. Formation of the volunteer unit should follow the principles of cooperative governance and participatory approach to disaster management. Implementation should be facilitated through the adoption of locally specific municipal by laws.

Speaker / Author: 
Shafick Hoossein, MSc
Roman Tandlich, PhD
Kevin Whittington-Jones, PhD
Richard Laubscher, MSc, MBA
Phindile Madikizela
Bongumusa M. Zuma, PhD
Month Year: 
March 2016
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March 2016
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