A Strategic Cleaning Assessment Program: Menu Cleanliness at Restaurants

Article Abstract

The importance of clean food contact surfaces has been recognized; however, the importance of cleanliness on nonfood contact surfaces such as menus may be underestimated. The aim of the study described in this article was to determine the cleanliness of restaurant menus, evaluate typical cleaning methods used in a restaurant, and provide recommendations for improving menu cleanliness. The authors’ study used an adenosine triphosphate meter to assess the cleanliness of the menus. A pretest identified the most commonly touched areas of the menu by consumers. Based on the results of the pretest, menus were collected from casual-family dining restaurants and analyzed for cleanliness. Results suggested that menus should be cleaned after each shift and that menus distributed by the staff when guests are seated are cleaner than those kept on the table.

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Jinkyung Choi, PhD
Barbara Almanza, PhD
Douglas Nelson, PhD
Jay Neal, PhD
Sujata Sirsat, PhD
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June 2014
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