Completing the Application

Applications must be completed for review at least 4 weeks prior to the exam date. If an application is received less than 4 weeks prior to your planned exam date, you may have to schedule the exam for another date. Applications may be completed online from the MyNEHA home page, > Credentials & Exams > Apply for Certification. This will bring up the login screen to access the application.

A complete application should include:

  1. Official College Transcripts. To be considered an official transcript it should be received at the NEHA office in the sealed envelope from the College Registrar’s Office/Transcript Office. It can be sent directly from the school to NEHA or submitted with the application in the sealed school envelope. Electronic transcripts from the school or transcript service are accepted when e-mailed to
  2. Work Experience Verification, unless applying for the In-training track.

  3. Appropriate fees.

  4. Third party review (applicable for candidates with foreign education).

Application Expiration Policy

Applications are good for 1 year from the date NEHA received them. If you have not tested within 1 year of submitting your application, you will need to submit a new application and fees.