Reciprocity: Completing Application

Tips on Completing Reciprocity for the NEHA REHS/RS Credential Application.

Step 1  Fill out your contact information

Step 2 – Application Fees:

  • NEHA members* = $140  (*Membership is optional and can be added further down in Step 2).

  • Non-Members = $200 for non-members

Step 3 – Read Part C and complete all parts.

Step 4 – Transcripts can come with the application or directly from the school and mailed separately (to Attn: Credentialing at NEHA). Indicate on Step 4 if transcripts will come separately and if name on transcript may differ from the name on your application (such as maiden name/married name).

Steps 5-7, (skip 8), 9 — Read and complete.


It can take 4-6 weeks for Reciprocity applications to be processed. It is also recommended that you review the NEHA Credentialing Handbook.