Reciprocity: Helpful Hints

NEHA REHS/RS Credential Reciprocity Helpful Hints


Not Sure If You Meet the Qualifications for Reciprocity?

1. Do you have a valid, current state registration? If you’re not sure, contact your state registration program. If you do not have a current registration card or certificate showing an expiration date, request one so you can submit a copy to NEHA. 

2. Do you have a Bachelor’s degree with at least 30 semester hours or 45 quarter hours of basic science? If you’re not sure, review a copy of your college transcripts. NEHA considers basic science courses to include Life Sciences, Natural Sciences, Physical Sciences or Health Sciences. You can request NEHA to evaluate your college transcripts for $50 and the Transcript Review Request Form

3. If you’re not sure which type of exam you took, the date you tested or your score, check your personal documents from your state registration program or contact them for your specific information. If you need to contact NEHA for a state exam score, you must know the approximate date you took the exam. NEHA state exam records are filed in date order, not by name.

Contact the NEHA Credentialing Department, or 303- 756-9090 ext. 310