Legionella Conference 2021

The annual Legionella Conference has been rescheduled for August 2021.









Prevention of Disease and Injury From Waterborne Pathogens in Health Care
August 2021

Conference Overview

NSF Health Sciences, an NSF International company, and the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) will bring together professionals from a wide variety of industries, including healthcare, to discuss the growing concern of Legionella outbreaks at the third annual Legionella Conference.

The theme for the next Legionella Conference, Prevention of Disease and Injury From Waterborne Pathogens in Health Care, centers on how hospitals, water utilities, health departments, industry, and regulators can work together to identify best practices for prevention of disease in hospitals, long-term care centers, and skilled nursing homes. Join the conversation on how we can work toward safer healthcare facilities.

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Legionella Conference Special Session

Prevention of Disease and Injury from Waterborne Pathogens During an Emergent Health Crisis

March 9–10, 2021

In response to the current COVID-19 pandemic, NSF and NEHA’s Legionella Conference organizers have added a virtual Special Session to take place on March 9–10, 2021. This 2-day virtual session will center on how industries such as healthcare, water utilities, manufacturing, cultural institutions, and hospitality, as well as health departments  and regulators, can better respond to water-related challenges during a pandemic or major health crisis.

When healthcare, commercial, and industrial facilities experience low to no occupancy, there is the potential for significant impacts on water quality, consumption of water, and operation of building water systems. This session will provide an opportunity for discussion on how we can work together to develop emergency plans and adapt water safety practices to prevent further public health hazards. 

Join the conversation on how to approach water safety and emergency planning during an emergent health crisis. Important topics include: 

  • Water management in healthcare, hospitality, commercial, and industrial facilities during a health crisis. 
  • Sampling strategies for Legionella during and after a shutdown.
  • Conducting and responding to investigations following an extended shutdown.
  • Designing, commissioning, constructing, and renovating to prevent biofilm growth and other hazardous conditions.
  • Safe reopening of buildings and state issued COVID-19 guidance related to water management.
  • Resiliency strategies for returning to normal operation, emergency planning, and risk management.
  • Case studies regarding use of water treatment and processing technologies. 

The conference will include panel discussions, case study reviews, and highlights of new technology. 


NEHA Continuing Education Credits

Need NEHA continuing education (CE) credits? We have you covered! Eligible attendees can earn up to 18 CE credits by attending the event.

How to Claim Your CE Credits:

  1. Attend the full virtual conference on March 9–10, 2021.
  2. Fill out the NEHA CE credit claim form.
  3. Send the completed form to info@legionellaconference.org for verification of attendance and the required signature.
  4. Follow the submission instructions detailed in step 5 of the NEHA form.


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