Successful Water and Emergency Training With the Guam Department of Environmental Health

On July 18-20, we provided a 3-day training in Guam to the Guam Department of Environmental Health (DEH) workforce on Water Vending and Manufacturing facilities. The training included education aimed at assisting the Guam team in regulating these facilities. Topics included:

  • general principles of water treatment
  • water treatment components
  • taking water samples
  • maximum contaminant levels
  • and more

We were also able to take the information from the classroom and apply it during field visits of water vending facilities.

Prior to the training, we directed a tabletop exercise on protecting Guam’s water supply during an emergency event. The exercise focused on developing partnerships between stakeholders and highlighting the value of bringing diverse organizations to the table  to protect public health during a disaster/emergency event.

Special thanks to Nikki Burns-Savage of Southern Nevada Health District who helped with the training, as well as representatives from Guam Department of Environmental Health, Environmental Protection Agency, and Guam Waterworks Authority for participating in the exercise.


Release Date: 
Monday, August 1, 2022