Frequently Asked Questions


When will the three-part virtual series take place?  

April 20-21, 2021

June 1-2, 2021

July 14-15, 2021


How long will each program be? 

Each program will include 8-9 hours of educational content spread over two days. As a reminder, CEs are counted as educational hours spent during the AEC.


How will educational content be spread across the three-part virtual series?  

Each program will focus on different topic areas (Food Safety, Water, Emergency Preparedness, Climate and Health, etc.). The exact content of each program is available to view here: Educational Sessions.


When will registration open? 

Registration opened March 1, 2021.  


Will I have to register for all three programs in the series? 

There will only be the option to register for the entire three-part series. 


If someone else is regsitering for me, how can they register?

We strongly advise that you register yourself, given the nature of the regsitration questions being tailored to each attendee. When registering yourself, if you require another person to pay, see the invoice Q/A listed directly below.


Can I register and receive an invoice in order for my employer to pay?

We are no longer offering the option to pay later (as of April 12, 2021) in order to avoid any late payments before the conference. If you have an existing invoice, you can print or download the invoice to send to the person who will be paying for your registration. 

To download your invoice:

  1. Log into your MyNEHA account.
  2. Click the bell icon in the top right corner of the home screen, click 'Outstanding Balances'.
  3. You'll see your outstaning balance, click the '(View)' link. The PDF will open in a new window.
  4. Payment can be made for that invoice over the phone at 303-756-9090, dial 1.


What if I am unable to attend one or two of the programs?

While we encourage everyone to participate in the live programs to maximize engagement and to take advantage of live networking opportunitties, we understand that may not always be possible. All content will be recorded and made available to registered attendees after the conclusion of each program for at least 6 months. 


What if I am unable to attend any part of the conference?

If you cannot attend any of the 2021 AEC series, please submit a Cancel/Transfer 2021 AEC Registration form through your MyNEHA account by logging in > Events > Cancel/Transfer AEC Registration.


Will the 2021 AEC Virtual Series be available after the series dates?

Yes, all content will be recorded and made available to registered attendees after the conclusion of each program for at least 6 months. 


I already registered, how do I access the Virtual Series?

Registrants will receive an email invitation to the virtual platform aproximately 2 weeks before each program in the series. Please make sure to add ‘no-reply@pathable.com’ to your allow list to ensure you receive your invitation.


I'd like to edit my registration to add/remove pre-conference events, how can I do that?

Users can add or remove pre-conference events if they've already registered by following the steps below:

  1. When logged into MyNEHA, click on the Events tab, and select "My Events" from the drop down.
  2. The page that opens will show history of events you've registered for. Click on the 2021 AEC listing to expand it.
  3. When expanded, there's a link at the bottom of the page that says "Change Pre Conference Events and Workshops". 
  4. This link will open to a slimmed down registration page that only has the pre conference workshops. You can add or remove events.
  5. When finished, you'll need to check out and process order. These events are $0 so you will not be required to input any payment information. 

Group Registration 

Do all individuals in a group need to register at the same time?

Registration must be completed by one person who can register all individuals within the group at once. All individuals MUST be a NEHA Member at the time of registration in order for you to receive the group discount for 5+ individuals.


What information does the person registering need in order to register all individuals in the group?

Membership status, name, email, and mailing address (for each individual). If the individuals would like to register for Pre-Conference Offerings, they will need to register for these during the registration process as well.


Is group registration open to members and nonmembers?

Group registration is only available to NEHA members. All individuals in a group registration must be individual members of NEHA. All group registrations will be reviewed by NEHA staff and registrations will not be considered final until membership status of each individual can be verified by NEHA.


What should we do if there are nonmembers in our group?

Nonmembers in a group should join NEHA individually prior to inclusion in a group registration.

* If individuals are not yet a member, they need to create a MyNEHA account, join with a membership, then inform the person who is processing registration that they are set up with a membership.


Can membership be purchased during the registration process?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer bundling membership with group registration. Membership can only be purchased by an individual since new members create individual profiles during membership sign-up. Everyone in a group should ensure they have an active NEHA membership prior to group registration.

* If individuals are not yet a member, they need to create a MyNEHA account, join with a membership, then inform the person who is processing registration that they are set up with a membership.


When will individual registrations in a group registration be considered final?

Membership status for each individual will need to be verified before individual registrations can be finalized and individuals will be granted access to the virtual platform.


How do I register a group of members?

To register a group:

  1. Select the Register Another Person or Group option
  2. Change the number in the Add Guest(s) section to the amount you wish to register
  3. Hit the Add button to continue

*Please note, you CANNOT register a group of non-members. All registrants must be current NEHA Members. If individuals are not yet a member, they need to create a MyNEHA account, join with a membership, then inform the person who is processing registration that they are set up with a membership.


What are the payment options for group registration?

As of April 12, 2021, all registrations and payment MUST be processed online to avoid late payments.

*If payment is not received by April 20, access to the first program of the conference will not be permitted. If payment is received after April 20, you will have access to the June and July live programs, then the April On-Demand.


When will I be notified if my abstract was accepted for a presentation? 

Presenters were notified in February, 2021.


Am I required to register for the conference?  

YES. All presenters are required to register for the full three-part series.  


Can I get registration fees waived as a presenter?  

We anticipate over 100 presenters who not only present but also attend our other educational sessions. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer discounted registration to so many presenters. We also encourage collaboration and attendance to our other educational sessions, so presenters not only spread their knowledge but also gain value from other presenters.  


What A/V equipment will I be required to have to be a presenter?  

All presenters will need a web cam, microphone, reliable internet connection, etc.  


My abstract was accepted, when will I find out the time and date of my presentation? 

Details regarding date and time, as well as additional details, was sent to confirmed speakers on March 10. 


Will virtual presentations be pre-recorded or live virtual sessions?  

All educational sessions will be live virtual sessions. 


Will there be a training reviewing how to use the virtual platform for speakers?

Yes. Details on the training will be sent via email to all confirmed and registered speakers. 

Exhibitors and Sponsors

I already paid to sponsor or exhibit at the 2021 AEC, what should I do?

Soni Fink will be working with exhibitors and sponsors in the coming weeks to discuss potential opportunities for involvement in the virtual program. If no alternative opportunity can be agreed upon, a refund will be offered.  


What do Virtual Exhibit Booths come with? 

  • Virtual booth where you can promote your company and engage live with attendees
  • Two standard attendee registrations with full access to the three-part virtual series including all educational sessions
  • Inclusion as an exhibitor on the exhibitor conference webpage with hyperlinked logo visible worldwide
  • Lead retrieval for your company booth
  • Postconference attendee mailing list
  • Recognition in the October 2021 issue of NEHA’s Journal of Environmental Health (JEH)

For more information on the AEC, please e-mail AEC@neha.org or call (303) 756-9090, dial 1 for AEC assistance.