2022 Annual Educational Conference & Exhibition

2022 AEC On-Demand Access Available to Registered Attendees

Due to the high volume of recorded sessions (aproximately 90), it is taking longer than expected to have the recordings acessible on-demand. We expect recordings to be available by mid-September, at which time all attendees will receive an email with instructions on how to access. 

2022 AEC Continuing Education Credits FAQs

I have a NEHA credential (CCFS, CFOI®, CFSSA®, CIOWTS, CP-FS®, HHS, REHS/RS®), how should I submit the hours from this conference?
Submit the total number of hours using your MyNEHA account. Login with your User ID and Password. On the right side of the screen, look for “My Credentials and CEs." Click on "Report CE Credits.” Complete the Self-Report CE Credits form. 

Do I need to list each session/course separately?
No, submit as one line item titled NEHA 2022 AEC on your Self-Report form and enter the grand total number of hours.

How many CE credits do I earn for attending the AEC?
It depends on which sessions you attend, minus meals and breaks. One hour of time spent learning equals one CE. Fifteen-minute sessions are rounded to 0.5 and forty-five-minute sessions are rounded to 1.0. 

Can I enter in my continuing education online if I do not hold a NEHA credential? 
No, this is available only to those that hold a NEHA credential. 

I have a ____ credential from ____ state. What do I need to do to get credit with them?
You need to speak with your individual state or whomever manages your credential and submit your hours to them in the manner they instruct you to. Other organizations that have credentials might not accept this conference as continuing education.

My state/organization requires that I send them a certificate showing I attended, where do I get that?
An automatic CE tracking email will be sent to all virtual attendees outlining the sessions attended. In order for in-person attendees to receive a summary of sessions attended, individuals must scan the QR code outside each session to check-in.

How do I get a certificate when I watch on-demand? 
All registrants will have access to on-demand session one month after the conclusion of the AEC. Access will be through NEHA’s Learning Management System and Certificates will be automatically sent after viewing individual sessions. 

Contact credentialing@neha.org for additional questions. 


See the Continuing Education page for information on credits for other organizations and for the California REHS program.

If you have any questions about the 2022 AEC, please contact us at aec@neha.org or (303) 756-9090.