A. Harry Bliss Editor’s Award

Dr. A. Harry Bliss was the Journal editor in 1969, the year this award was first presented. When he retired, the award was named after him to honor his 40 years of involvement in Journal production. The A. Harry Bliss Editor’s Award recognizes outstanding writers, columnists, reviewers, editors, and other contributors that advance the cause and interests of the association and the environmental health profession through the Journal.

If interested in nominating a worthy candidate, please contact Kristen Ruby-Cisneros.

Award Winners

2015    Peter Thorton
2014    Nelson E. Fabian
2013    Marler Clark, LLP, PS
2012    Tom Hatfield
2011    Brad Baugh
2010    Peter Thornton
2009    Robert E. Harrington
2008    John Barry
2007    Environmental Health Services Branch (EHSB) of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
2006    Tommye Schneider
2005    Karen A. Holmes
2004    Clare A. Schmutz
2003    Jim Dingman
2002    Vincent Sikora
2001    Thomas H. Hatfield
2000    Thomas J. White, M.S.
1999    Environmental Health Division of the Volusia County Public Health Unit (EHD/VCPHU)
1998    Robert W. Powitz & James Balsamo
1997    Dean Boening
1996    Thomas Hatfield
1995    John Barry
1994    Barry Drucker